Raw Gemstone Copper Rings

Raw Gemstone Copper Rings


Each ring band is handcrafted from copper and adorned with a raw gemstone. Gemstones come from mines all around the world- from the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet to Mermaid Beach, Australia. It takes about 4-5 days to create a ring, which includes it undergoing a chemical bath to harden copper around the stone, preventing it from breaking when dropped.

The rings have been sealed with a special sealant to prevent your finger from turning green. This sealant will last the longest when you take your ring off when washing your hands or dealing with chemicals. Over time with wear and tear, your ring may need to be re-polished or re-sealed, in that case you can do it at home or have it sent in.

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Photo 1 - Aquamarine Sz 11
Photo 2 - Smokey Quartz Sz 9 SOLD OUT
Photo 3 - Aquamarine Sz 4.5
Photo 4 - Quartz Sz 9.5
Photo 5 - Quartz Sz 8.5
Photo 6 - Quartz Sz 3.5
Photo 7 - Quartz Sz 4.5
Photo 8 - Opal Sz 5.5; Opal Sz 8; Opal Sz 8.5

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