Prank Postcards

Prank Postcards

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Have you ever wanted to play a prank on your friend? Duh, everyone does.

Well, now you can have weird postcards sent to them, FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. Leaving them dazed and confused as to why this keeps happening. The best part is when they tell you about it or you go over for a visit to see the postcards lying on their coffee table or hanging on the fridge, listening to their confused stories on who they think it may be.

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Some of what I send, I make up with the purpose to leave the person wondering, what is the full story? Why am I only getting part of it? Others are full stories of a strange event that happened or an interesting conversation I may have overheard. Each entertaining in their own way. 

If you choose to have them sent more than one postcard, the postcards will be sent out once every quarter. So you have the option to have mysterious postcards sent to them once, twice, or even 12 times per year. How wild do you want this to get? 

Disclaimer: The postcards are not my photographs, sometimes they may be, other times, they will be old postcards I have found in thrift stores.