The name's Katie, but I'm sure you've figured that out by now. I've been a photographer for going on seven years now, shooting senior portraits, models, and weddings. I am currently traveling nomadically through the Western half of the United States. For fun, I love going on photo adventures to explore new areas. When I lived in the city, this would mostly consist of me and some buddies meeting up and shooting film. I've fallen in love with documentary style photography, there's something special about those raw moments in time you capture. Besides photography, I really dig writing and meeting new people to adventure with around the world. 

If you want to meet up and explore, go on photo adventures and shoot film when I am in your area, please just shoot me a message - I'm always down to clown! 





As an explorer, I like my shoots to incorporate the cool places around the world that I've found. I'm always down for urban exploring, driving around looking for ghost towns, or even finding some buildings with nice architectural features. Mixing my love for portraits with my love for documentary style photos, your session will include a mix of poses as well as authentic moments captured during the shoot. It will be really laid back and I will be there to direct you, so no worries about feeling awkward! 


katie corley in a swing | starkville, mississippi