Emily | Natchez Trace Adventure

Before school started back this year, my cousin and I decided to spend the day driving down the Natchez Trace. Our ultimate goal was to find the ghost town of Rodney, MS. Along the way we stopped at a few tourist attractions as well as beautiful places hidden away from 'Outsiders'.  The further away from Flowood we went, the harder it was to connect to 4G.... then 3G.... then we were lucky to get service at all. It was then we realized how silly it was to be uploading photos to instagram every hour, stuck in the little world we have created in our phones. We spent the day pretending to be tour guides, singing in the car, and just enjoying each others company. As we neared the end of our trip, we tried desperately to get signal in order to use Google maps. We never did make it to Rodney, MS but maybe one day we will. 
And as a side note, when you travel down the Natchez Trace, bring mosquito spray! The further away from the big cities you go, the more mosquitoes there are!